KPM Center for Public Management


Since April 2021, Anna Malandrino has been working on the “Compliance With National COVID-19 responses and measures” (CoWiNaCo) project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (lead by Prof. Dr. Fritz Sager & Prof. Dr. Anat Gofen, Hebrew University Jerusalem), within which she is responsible for the Italian case study.

She studied political science and international relations at the universities of Calabria and Bologna, as well as modern languages and literatures at the University of Eastern Piedmont. In 2012, she conducted research at the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, funded by the University of Bologna. She received her PhD in law and institutions (public administration, Doctor J Fellowship) in 2016 from the University of Turin, where she also worked as a lecturer in public procurement and public administration ethics. She has been a visiting scholar at the Center for European Studies of Harvard University. Her PhD dissertation was awarded the prize in memory of Prof. Franco Levi for the best dissertation concerning public administration reform. Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna, where she conducts research on public policy and policy advice, as well as working as a scientific collaborator at the Center for Public Management, University of Bern. Before her academic career, during her studies, she was also a columnist for Europae - Rivista di Affari Europei, writing about EU policies and politics, as well as a specialized trainer bringing European citizenship education into schools within a University of Bologna project.