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Research Projects


Johanna Kuenzler has been at the KPM Center for Public Management since 2015. After three years as a teaching assistant for Prof. Dr. Fritz Sager, she is now fully dedicated to writing her PhD thesis within the National Research Programme 76 (Welfare and Coercion). She examines the reform of Swiss law on child and adult protection. Johanna Kuenzler is particularly interested in the moral policy debate that took place shortly after the child and adult protection authorities’ inception, which resulted in a bad reputation for the authorities. By conducting a media analysis, she traces the course of the debate and then analyses the reputation’s impact on the authorities’ work today. For the second part of the analysis, she conducts interviews and engages in participatory observation.

During her time at the chair of Prof. Dr. Fritz Sager, Johanna Kuenzler was able to deepen her research interests and methodological knowledge through various research projects and external mandates. Her work focuses for example on agricultural and food policy as well as on tobacco prevention. From a research-theoretical perspective, Johanna Kuenzler mainly applies theories of the policy process, such as the Multiple Streams Approach or the Narrative Policy Framework.

Johanna Kuenzler studied political science and German language and literature at the University of Bern. Before joining the KPM she participated in publishing the Année Politique Suisse, an annual book about Swiss politics published by the Political Science Institute of the University of Bern.