KPM Center for Public Management (KPM)


Since September 2017, Stefan Wittwer is a PhD Student in Public Administration and a teaching assistant with Prof. Dr. Fritz Sager at the KPM Center of Public Management.

He completed his Master’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration at the Universities of Bern and Konstanz in 2016. Before, he completed a BA degree in Political Science and Sociology at the University of Zurich.

He writes his PhD in the field of local economic development policies of small and medium-sized towns in the polycentric context of Switzerland.
His research interests also include questions on policy implementation such as horizontal and vertical governance mechanisms in the implementation of economic development policies in Switzerland and questions on how intensified political conflict can lead to consequential changes in front-line workers' behavior.

He has been employed at the KPM Center for Public Management since September 2015, first as a student assistant for Prof. Dr. Fritz Sager and then as an assistant working on the inter-cantonal evaluation of cantonal tobacco prevention programs.