KPM Center for Public Management

Prof. Dr. Sager, Fritz

Michelle Wyler works as a PhD candidate at the Competence Centre for Public Management (KPM) under PD Dr Caroline Schlaufer. Her research on the topic of political acceptance of measures to combat epidemics in pets is part of the strategic Multidisciplinary Center for Infectious Diseases (MCID) at the University of Bern.

Michelle Wyler completed her Bachelor's degree at the University of Bern in Science of Religion, Law and Social Sciences and holds a Master's degree in International Security from the University Sciences Politiques Paris. Before starting her PhD, she worked at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in the Resources Directorate and at the Swiss Embassy in Saudi Arabia. Previously, she was active in Israel/Palestine for the NGO Peace Watch Switzerland.
Ms Wyler is also involved in the organisation "Youth For Understanding" and in the volunteer fire brigade.