Key Research Areas


Key Research Area

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Blankart Regulation and Management in Health Care, Health Services Research, Health Systems Research, Health Policy
Prof. Dr. Andreas Lienhard Governmental and Administrative Reforms (esp. NPM, Corporate Governance, PPP),
Judicial Reforms (Judicial Management),
Public Financial and Business Law,
Prof. Claus D. Jacobs, Ph.D. Strategy development and strategy work
Pluralistic organizations
Public management
Organizational change
Organizational identity
Prof. Dr. Doina Radulescu Public Economics,
Economic Policy,
Applied Econometrics,
Corporate Governance.
Prof. Dr. Adrian Ritz Administrative Sciences and Public Management, esp. Human Resources, Management, Motivation, Performance Management, Administrative Reforms, NPM, and Evaluations
Prof. Dr. Fritz Sager Administrative Sciences and Theory,
Policy Research and Evaluation,
Organizational Analysis,
and Swiss Politics

This list shows the key research areas of the individual faculty members. Please direct your questions to the respective scholar or to the Secretariat.