About us


The Center of Competece for Public Management of the University of Bern was established on September 1, 2002. As an interdisciplinary program located between the economics and social science departments and the law faculty of the University of Bern, it is committed to the collaboration among the disciplines of law, economics, and political science. The core product of the Center of Competence is the postgraduate course of studies with the Master’s diploma (MPA). A second important pillar of the new Center of Competence is basic research in the area of public administration. And, thirdly, services are offered to the public in the form of consultancies, expert opinions, and evaluations.

Main Areas of Activity

The KPM is active in numerous areas of public administration in teaching, continuing education, research and services. It particularly conducts research in the following areas: 

  • Digitization & Digital Governance
  • Energy Economics & Economic Policy
  • Leadership & Human Resources
  • Political Science & Policy Research
  • Legislation & Justice
  • Healthcare Regulation & Management
  • Strategy, Organization & Change

You will find more detailed information on the different research areas here.

Executive Board and Secretariat

The interdisciplinary administration is comprised of Prof. Dr. Adrian Ritz (business administration), Prof. Dr. Claus Jacobs (business administration), Prof. Dr. Andreas Lienhard (constitutional and administrative law), Prof. Dr. Doina Radulescu (economics), Prof. Dr. Fritz Sager (political science) and the associated member of the Executive Board Prof. Dr. Rudolf Blankart (business administration). Bianka Balmer manages the Secretariat.

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the KPM includes: 

This committee serves to link the faculties of economics, the social sciences, and law.