Emamdeen Fohim has been a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Claus D. Jacobs at the KPM since March 2020. From an organizational theory perspective, his research examines measures taken by public sector organizations to address the challenges of a constantly changing and complex environment. In his dissertation he studied the life journeys of selected Swiss spatial planners in order to understand the establishment of skills that are used in the context of pluralistic settings to initiate institutional change. As a postdoctoral researcher, he investigates the question of how a common organizational identity is created among organizational members in the context of ‘New Work’ practices (home office, flexible working hours, flat hierarchies). In addition, he lectures the event on ‘Public Management’ of the CUREM study course CAS in Urban Management as well as the course on ‘Public Entrepreneurship’ of the Executive MPA and is co-initiator of the ‘Centre for African Smart Public Value Governance’.

During his leisure time, Emamdeen Fohim enjoys hiking and playing football. He is also interested in architecture: Louis Kahn, Luigi Caccia Dominioni and Balkrishna Doshi are among his favorite architects. After all, he enjoys his free time with his family and is looking forward to exploring with them his new home region Espace Mittelland.