Journal Series

The CCPM regularly publishes the most up-to-date research results. On this page, you can place direct orders for the desired copies of the CCPM journal series.

The following volumes are available in English:

Volume number

Journal Series Title




Nr. 59 Papers on Strategies, Incentives and Effects of Amalgamations in Switzerland
Author: Claire Kaiser
detailed Description (pdf, 94KB)       
93 2017 35.00
Nr. 43 Papers on the Transatlantic Transfer of Administrative Ideas in the 20th Century − What American Scholars of Public Administration Learned from the Germans.
Author: Rosser, Christian
Detailed Description (pdf, 210KB)
129 2012 40.00
Nr. 5 Exploring the third world of academic life: What can academics who study governance offer to politicians and public servants who practice governance?
Author: Pollitt, Christopher
Detailed Description (pdf, 109KB)
20 2005 20.00

A more detailed description of all volumes of the journal series is found here (in German).